Kenny Dalglish

Each time I visited the hospitals, whether the Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology or University Hospital, Aintree, where Marina was operated on, I marvelled at the time, patience and love the nurses bestowed on their patients.

Marina and I both felt that cancer patients and their families had to do too much travelling, criss-crossing Merseyside. Marina's chemotherapy was sometimes administered at Aintree and sometimes over the Wirral at Clatterbridge. So, with the funds in place, they gutted the fifth floor, and when the centre opened on June 4, 2007, it was truly magnificent, like walking into a wood-panelled spa.

A curved walkway leads past large fish-tanks and flat-screen tellies, through a reception and waiting area and into the patients' part. The windows were enlarged to give bigger views over Liverpool. When the Radiotherapy Centre was opened in 2011, it reduced journey times for cancer patients and meant that they can be treated in an improved environment.

Marina's hard work was recognised by the Queen when she was awarded an MBE in the 2009 New Year Honours List.

Marina wasn't seeking any public honour. She just wanted to help those suffering the difficult times she endured.

She has very strong family values and showing compassion for others runs through her veins. In adversity, the true personality comes out and that 's how Marina dealt wit h Hillsborough and the cancer.

Now she's driving through this campaign to raise money for Clatterbridge. Marina doesn't want her name up in lights and, in fact, she wanted Aintree to take her name down but they said the sign had put too many holes in the wall.

Marina's a very private person and at the fundraising ball for the Appeal in March 2010, her speech set a world record for brevity. "This is my first public speech, so thanks very much for coming."

With that, she sat down. The whole room applauded because people respect Marina's humility and determination.

She's so wrapped up in the cancer charity, she's got her teeth into fundraising and won't let go until she has helped as many people as possible.

As her husband, I am very proud of Marina for all of her hard work and dedication. As a family, we are very humbled by the support we have received for all of the Marina Dalglish appeals over the last 7 years. Our children and friends have been fantastically supportive throughout, chipping in with whatever help has been needed by Marina to achieve the charity’s goals. Most importantly, the benefit your support has given to cancer patients on Merseyside has been remarkable.